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Executive Coaching: Strategies to Lead Beyond Crisis

How do health care leaders identify effective strategies to lead beyond this pandemic? Health care leaders are feeling an even greater sense of overwhelm as they look for support and solutions during this unprecedented time. They need a safe and confidential space to discuss their concerns and identify effective strategies to lead themselves, their teams and their organizations beyond this pandemic. Now is the ideal time to engage in a completely virtual, short-term, one-on-one coaching program. Accordant can help.

Accordant provides coaching by a certified executive coach that includes identifying effective strategies to help meet personal, professional and organizational goals. Coaching can help executives gain clarity on top priorities as well as identify what is going well. This one-on-one coaching can support effective mapping of priorities and resources, as well as outlining steps to implementation.

Coaching Outcomes Assessment

Accordant will help assess short-term coaching outcomes with executive leadership or individual executive seeking support. The short-term program begins with a 30-minute call to make personal introductions and explore primary goals for coaching. For example:

  • Goals and timelines for professional and career development. This can include a personal leadership brand.

  • Enhance leadership skills to successfully lead teams and collaborate with other leaders.

  • Outline leadership and team vision for post- pandemic organization.

Engagement and Implementation

  • Three one-hour virtual coaching sessions to be scheduled within a two-month period. An option to extend is always available.

  • A final, one-hour session to reflect on progress, insights and ideas for continued positive change.


The outcomes, engagement and implementation will be done within a 2-month period to complete the 41⁄2 hours of this short-term coaching program.

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The Accordant Team has published a number of books to advance the efforts of health care philanthropy and help development leaders everywhere. 

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Accordant is honored to collaborate with American Hospital Association Trustee Services to provide issue papers, templates and webinars to support the involvement of healthcare trustees and foundation board members in advancing philanthropy. These resources can also be found on the AHA Trustee website.

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