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Communications illuminate vision, enable connection and motivate action—so it’s critical to shape strategic and resonant communications. Accordant not only elevates engagement through compelling cases, stories, content and collateral, but also addresses strategy and structure that will enable you to better share your story.

  • Brand Synergy

  • Case for Support

  • Communications Strategy

  • Donor Communications

  • Mission Storytelling

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Brand Synergy

Your hospital marketing and foundation teams have a shared purpose. However, too often, this relationship is not where it should be. Gaps exist for any number of reasons; marketing doesn’t understand or believe philanthropy should nuance its brand message. The foundation operates without a communication plan which puts strain on timelines and expectations. Marketing and the foundation report to different leaders, prioritize their efforts differently or simply have operated independently forever. In this age of systemization—brand synergy is a must. Accordant will help you develop a new approach, improve processes and help you leverage your hospital marketing team’s abilities, real estate opportunities and vendor partnerships.

Case for Support 

We help foundations develop cases for support for initiatives from comprehensive campaigns to fast-and-agile major gift initiatives, and we know not all case for support development is the same. Our approach incorporates understanding system priorities, foundation strategies, branding, your donor’s most meaningful aspirations and authentic messaging in order to craft messages that are unique to your foundation and that serve as a building block for prospect, campaign and donor engagement.

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Donor Communications & Engagement

What motivates a donor is not what motivates a buyer. Donor communications is different than marketing, and when you consider that about half of all donors cite poor communication for why they left, you begin to understand why hiring a philanthropy firm who understands your donors is important. We believe donor communication should be glue—not bait. We can help you analyze touch points for non-solicitation relationship building opportunities, develop messaging that is authentic while inspiring and create unique experiences that your donors will remember. Our full-service communication team will work with you to create a suite of communication materials that reflects both the hospital brand and your foundations need to message in a nuanced and powerfully unique way. We provide the following services: Print collateral, Digital media, Film and Video services, Copy and design services, and Mission experience tours.

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Mission Storytelling

Why storytelling? Simple. Nothing else works. Storytelling fuels health care philanthropy. It illuminates your organization’s mission, connects donors to the causes they care about and inspires and rallies every member of your team. First, understand this—storytelling and stories are not the same thing. Storytelling is much more than words on a page. Storytelling can help gift officers orally illustrate your cause, CEOs inspire your organization and organizations bring video and digital medial to life.

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