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Creative + Communications

In a relationship-forward industry, it’s essential to operate with a mindset that communication is glue—not bait. Compelling communications must have the soul of a storyteller backed up by the rigor of strategy and data.

Our commitment is to elevate communication to extend the organization’s ability to move and motivate prospects and donor partners. We help through: 

Communications Strategy

Brand Ecosystem

Trust is mission number one for health care brands. However, trust is not delivered on awards and excellence alone but also on mission. The foundation’s voice in the overall brand ecosystem is vital. Accordant helps organizations elevate their visibility and role within the overall brand ecosystem through philanthropic storytelling, digital strategies and collaborative approaches with hospital marketing teams. 

Working with Marketing

Marketing often owns the keys to budgeting, communication channels, messaging, strategy, social media initiatives and more. Foundations often lack the relationships, processes and shared purpose needed to optimize results. Accordant has proven techniques to quickly and permanently improve philanthropy’s relationships with hospital marketing teams that ensure collaborative efforts stick.

Donor & Community Engagement

Case Development

A well-written and well-designed case statement can galvanize an organization’s volunteers, donors and teams. Too often, organizations struggle to eliminate clinical language, to have the expertise to emotionally capture stories or to find their way through a lack of information. Accordant helps clients develop one-pagers, visionary case statements and campaign case kits that lead to mission elevation and success.


Accordant’s expert level designers and copy writers can help develop templates, magazines, brochures and any other collateral need of an organization. Our branding services also offer logo design and key messaging.

Website Development

The effort and expense to get a prospect or donor to an organization’s website can often be overwhelming. It is the moment organizations wait for, so it’s important to ensure it’s not a dead end for those who visit this vital tool. Accordant guides health organizations by analyzing data, developing ideal donor journeys and automating the content and processes so philanthropy teams can remain focused on more critical relationship-building efforts.

Proposal Development

Everything an organization has done to engage donors comes down to this moment. Accordant provides research, design and copy services to help organizations make a compelling and professional proposal to their best prospects.


Digital is often the most overlooked opportunity to engage donors, build pipeline and automate certain aspects of an organization’s communication strategy. Whether the need is content, data analysis, geofencing, retargeting or to begin with a digital strategy, Accordant can help.

Creative Services


Accordant helps health organizations develop impactful language, compelling stories and insightful content to strengthen bonds with donors, prospects and other key community stakeholders. Our team brings expertise that is solely focused on health care philanthropy, so we truly understand health organizations’ target audiences—including those within their communities.


Accordant makes the complex simple, clear and beautiful. We provide image selection, art direction and a complete team of designers to help the organization’s project stand out.


Philanthropy teams have multiple responsibilities, with a focus and priority on relationship building. Finding the time and expertise to develop copy for collateral, proposals, cases for support and more can be difficult. Accordant can provide these services tailored to organizational needs. Our decades of experience, along with our continuous research of trends and best practices, provide the foundation the opportunity to create copy and content that elevates messaging and mission.


Philanthropy storytelling offers something unique and different from what an organization’s marketing team offers. Donors don’t just want to support a mission; they want to be a part of the mission and part of a movement. Accordant brings to life grace, hope, optimism, purpose, connectedness, trust and authenticity through the power of the unexpected. We offer storytelling guides, training, video content, written content and other tools to help organizations transform how they identify and share stories.

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Internal Communications


Physicians, clinicians and health leaders are organizational friends, not strangers, and should be treated as such. Accordant helps health organizations develop language, stories and content that strengthen bonds among physicians, clinicians and other key internal stakeholders. Our team of experts is solely focused on health care philanthropy and health leadership, equipping us to understand and effectively communicate with those who serve the organization and community.

Learn more about our Training & Facilitation services.

Our Creative & Communications Team

Michael J. Beall

Principal Consultant and Communications Practice Leader

Marina Peirano

Graphic Design Specialist

Ali Reiner Trolsrud

Communications Specialist

Livvy Zimmerman

Art Director

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