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Leadership + Talent

Engaged and effective leadership is essential to success. Combining the strengths, integrity and vision of those who lead organizations not only benefits each leader but also initiates a trickle-down effect on entire teams and organizations.

We hold an average of 27 years of experience in health care leadership roles with most holding professional certification to demonstrate commitment to excellence in the field. Five of our team members hold the esteemed title of “Fellow of the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy” (FAHP), acknowledging significant contributions to health care philanthropy.


Accordant thrives on applying this experience to align values, passions, strategies and purpose within organizations. We can help through:

Certified Executive Coaching.jpeg
Certified Executive Coaching

Accordant delivers a deep bench of research-driven and experience-informed leadership training and executive coaching. Our certified executive coaches customize leadership engagement to maximize strengths, address areas of improvement and create strategies to achieve elevated success.

Leadership Acceleration & Executive Presence.jpg
Leadership Acceleration & Executive Presence

With leadership assessments and evaluation, Accordant helps executives develop personal growth plans for success, onsite and virtual training and success strategies to elevate the team, its leadership and the organization as a whole.

Staffing & Talent Assessments.jpeg
Staffing & Talent Assessments

Accordant implements staffing and talent assessments to provide current staffing strengths and areas to address for mission success. Our tailored strategies help leaders identify, address and fulfill short-term and long-term staffing needs.

Elevating Philanthropy Talent.jpeg
Elevating Philanthropy Talent

Philanthropy talent can often be found within an organization. Accordant offers strategies that identify potential internal candidates and can provide training that elevates talent and avoids the time and expense often associated with external searches.

Fractional & Transitional Staffing.jpeg
Fractional & Transitional Staffing

Health philanthropy is ever-changing; therefore, health philanthropy leadership and team composition is ever-changing. Because philanthropy needs to keep momentum, Accordant can provide fractional and transitional staffing to continue mission efforts while organizations work to permanently fill positions.

Change Leadership.jpeg
Change Leadership

The health care landscape is marked by relentless and ever-evolving demands. Effecting change entails more than just recognizing issues and urging action. Exceptional healthcare executives must adeptly navigate change and guide their teams toward progress. Accordant is poised to collaborate with philanthropy executives in enhancing these proficiencies, equipping them with the necessary tools to course correct for optimal success. 

Exploring Leadership Purpose.jpeg
Exploring Leadership Purpose

Purpose-driven leaders are primed for professional and organizational success. Accordant works side-by-side with leaders to explore and identify personal and professional values, purposes and goals that lead to actionable growth and development strategies.

Leading High-Performance Teams.jpeg
Leading High-Performing Teams

High-performing leaders may not necessarily have high-performing teams. Accordant experts team up with executives to not only elevate leadership styles but also develop and implement strategies that lead to high-performing teams.

Succession Planning.jpeg
Succession Planning

Accomplished leaders engage and develop team members to continue career development and elevation. Accordant partners with health care leaders to assess current growth possibilities and helps to forecast future opportunities. We play a pivotal role in helping organizations identify key positions for succession planning, pinpointing internal high-potential candidates and mitigating the risk of talent attrition. 

Learn more about our Boards + Governance and Training + Facilitation services.

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