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Accelerating Health Equity

Health equity is focused on the attainment of the highest level of health for all people. Whether health equity shows up in an organization as a community health initiative (many times stemming from the Community Health Needs Assessment), internal staffing priority or a specific program centered around patient/client care, Accordant is here to help.


Accordant shapes purpose-driven partnerships and invigorates external investment to work toward a world where people from all walks of life have access to optimal health and well-being. We bring together the power of organizations, leaders and communities to foster collaborative and boundary-spanning solutions and services. Accordant recognizes that this journey may involve a solo organization or, quite often, multiple stakeholders joining together.


We advance health equity within multiple structures, including solo institutions to volunteer or formal collaboratives. Accordant achieves this through: 


Identification & Prioritization of Initiatives

Choosing the right health equity initiative is essential. Accordant can help identify internal and/or community-facing health equity initiatives best aligned with the greatest need, organizational priorities and community interest. Once initiatives are identified, Accordant uses our proprietary tool to prioritize and pressure test initiatives best suited to engage community partners and attract philanthropy and grants.


Making the Case for Community Health

Accordant’s team of experts can develop an inspiring case to attract partnerships, philanthropy and grants through a participatory experience that resonates with existing donors, new prospects and community partners. Accordant leans in with authentic storytelling, coupled with a solid business case to design a compelling and collaborative case and funding plan.


Developing Sustainable Funding Strategies

While many organizations are committed to advancing health equity, financial restraints are often obstacles to initiate or expand this work. Philanthropy and grants can be significant solutions as organizations form authentic partnerships with individuals, corporations and foundations. Accordant helps identify philanthropic and grant partners who are already engaged with the organization, as well as expand the reach to other constituents with shared passion and purpose for the community and/or the strategy. Whether the funding needs are for overarching health equity initiatives, or a health equity priority is just one part of a larger capital or programmatic campaign, Accordant leads organizations to success. We personalize our best practice Wave Campaign™ model to recognize and incorporate the unique distinctions among health equity initiatives and donors. 


Community & Corporate Partnership Development

Health equity and collaborative partnerships are growing priorities for governmental funding, corporate engagement and individual philanthropy. This work is often done through partnerships, which can provide great information and referrals to more advanced structures that co-create and implement strategies and funding mechanisms. Accordant helps organizations determine the best partnerships to engage around strategy and funding. We also help create roadmaps for anchor institutions or collaborative partnerships, engaging multiple nonprofits working towards a similar goal, to identify the best philanthropic partners and opportunities. Accordant works with organizations to realize success that comes from building internal trust within partnerships, establishing authentic relationships that create win-win-win opportunities and implementing strategies that identify and build synergistic and impactful relationships.  


Grant Writing and Strategy Services

Funding to help address the social drivers of health takes on many forms, including grants. Accordant can help organizations identify national and local grant opportunities, create a winning strategy and provide coaching to move these funding initiatives forward. The Accordant experts understand the importance of working with multidisciplinary teams at health organizations, as well as entire health systems, to effectively craft proposals and funding for addressing the health drivers unique to each community. 


Stakeholder Listening Tours

Whether a solo organization or collaborative group is seeking to advance health equity, there is significant value to join forces with other organizations in the community with similar missions and goals. Accordant helps organizations identify the right partners and serves as a neutral party to uncover and address barriers, as well as to help build trust and structure moving forward utilizing a participatory model. Listening tours provide a foundation for organizations that want to improve existing community partnerships, form new partnerships (including nonprofit and for-profit partnerships) and design the right structure to move initiatives forward. 

The Benefit of a One-stop Integrated Resource

Accordant’s ability to integrate health equity strategies with funding, communications, training and more, makes us an ideal partner in organizational and community collaboration. Whether the focus on health equity is a significant organizational pivot or a continuation of strategy, Accordant meets an organization where they are to help staff, board members and other allies embrace the organizational priorities and strategies. We help guide the team through the importance of leaning into this work, communicate the case for support (using business ROI and personal storytelling), craft authentic partnerships and create new collaborative strategies and funding models to align what is best suited for the priority and community.

Philanthropy + Grants

Harness the power of generosity by uncovering opportunities and integrating innovative strategies to accelerate organizational performance and mission elevation.

Creative + Communications

Elevate communication initiatives to extend your organization’s ability to move and motivate prospects and donor partners for mission success.

Training + Facilitation

Guide and advance leaders through shared expertise, ideas and compassion that lifts and empowers health organizations to do their best work. 

Amy Dorrill, FAHP, CFRE

Principal Consultant

The service line is led by Amy Dorrill who has 25+ years of front line fundraising and leadership for community health/well-being initiatives. Amy has fundraised for CHNA priorities, social services, medical home models, population-based initiatives, etc. successfully implementing, expanding and sustaining programs with the support of individuals, corporations (including traditionally competitive organizations), foundations, and government entities. She has also served as an expert presenter to foundation boards, staff and professional associations both small and large and inclusive of online, in person and hybrid models.

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