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About Us

Our Mission

Advance purpose-driven partnerships in order to elevate health and well-being for all.​


Our Values

  • Embrace the power of philanthropy and partnership as catalysts to achieving good.

  • Be authentic, purpose-driven, passion-fueled, gratitude-filled leaders.

  • Stay curious, think big, be bold and embrace change.

  • Serve shoulder-to-shoulder with partners to achieve a shared vision for impact.

  • Earn the trust and credibility to share progressive ideas and innovative solutions.

About Accordant

Our name “Accordant” honors the collaboration of health care leaders, board members, clinicians and community partners to advance a shared vision for elevating health status and well-being. While Accordant is a US-based health care consulting firm, it is our privilege to serve globally. Our sophisticated and culturally competent team members have had the privilege to speak, write and consult in not only the United States and Canada but also in Ireland, England, Germany, Australia and beyond. Our team members are committed to being well aware of the health care and cultural environment of wherever they serve in order to ensure our work is relevant, relatable and tailored to each environment and opportunity for maximum impact.


Accordant advances philanthropy and purpose-driven partnership to support health organizations in achieving their vibrant missions. Our experts deliver value in three key areas:

  • Elevating charitable giving

  • Advancing community well-being

  • Strengthening health care governance


With client partners that include health systems, hospitals, long term care and hospice organizations, as well as anchor partners for community health impact initiatives, we connect and integrate strategy and operations to maximize transformational impact.

Accordant is recognized for progressive thought leadership in advancing philanthropy as a high-ROI, low-risk, alternative revenue source for health care organizations.

Our team of experts:

  • Lead innovative strategy and design thinking to optimize philanthropy and community health impact initiatives.

  • Deliver dynamic training for executives, boards and clinicians to leverage their influence and engagement.

  • Facilitate conversations to secure insights from and to understand and align the needs, expectations and intentions of leaders, partners and other key constituencies.

  • Design and implement integrity-based strategies to deepen partnerships with physicians and nurses.

  • Provide executive coaching to accelerate performance and to enhance leadership capabilities.

  • Craft strategic communications plans, create compelling stories and design visually engaging collateral.

  • Create and implement an integrated and holistic approach to support health organizations and their partners.

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