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Grateful Engagement: Repositioning Your Grateful Patient Strategy

How do we adapt our strategies to best advance in the coming months and years?

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been immeasurable gratitude shown to our health care organizations, clinicians and caregivers. How do we capitalize on this and adapt our grateful patient and clinician engagement strategies to best advance in the coming months and years?

Accordant provides recommendations and techniques for immediate, objective and expert guidance on wide-ranging issues including:

  • Grateful patient and clinician engagement strategy

  • Grateful engagement infrastructure and operations

  • Grateful engagement communications

  • Culture of gratitude

  1. Video-based, individual conversation with philanthropy leader to determine highest priority area(s) for examination

  2. Review of client-supplied existing strategies, collateral, plans, materials and communications

  3. Video-based, individual conversations with philanthropy staff to discuss high-level overview and assessment of current program, infrastructure & operations

  4. Video-based, individual conversations with key organizational stakeholders including (but not limited to): CEO, CMO, CNO, CPXO and service line leadership

  5. Video-based, individual conversations with up to five existing or prospective clinician partners


Accordant will deliver a summary report that outlines assessment, prioritization of goals and recommended tactics for immediate and long-ranging strategies. The report will be delivered via video conferencing and also sent electronically.


Accordant is available to assist with implementation of recommendations made in report per client request.


The engagement and report recommendations will take approximately four weeks and will require three days of service. Additional implementation timing will be determined by client requests.

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The Accordant Team has published a number of books to advance the efforts of health care philanthropy and help development leaders everywhere. 

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Accordant is honored to collaborate with American Hospital Association Trustee Services to provide issue papers, templates and webinars to support the involvement of healthcare trustees and foundation board members in advancing philanthropy. These resources can also be found on the AHA Trustee website.

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