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Get to KnowAccordant’s President: Pamela Ronka Maroulis, CFRE

Pam Maroulis, CFRE, serves as president of Accordant. Recently, Pam leaned in for a conversation with Accordant’s CEO, Betsy Chapin Taylor, FAHP, about her passions and motivations around this work and shared insights into her personal life:

Betsy: Your experience, leadership and values make you a perfect fit to serve as president of Accordant. Why do you feel so strongly and passionately about health care philanthropy?

Pam: Education and health have always been two causes I have embraced both personally and professionally. I believe both are rights all humans should have access to and enjoy. My passion for health care was sparked when my maternal grandmother was dying of ovarian cancer. The nurses and staff on the oncology unit at her hospital made us feel like we were their only concern. Yet, I knew they had many other patients. The compassion shown to us, and the care given to her, made me want to say thank you; and I did through a letter to them after she passed away. I realized my philanthropy expertise positioned me to help more health care workers, and I never looked back. Now, and especially over the past two years, it is more important than ever to support the health care industry and those who deliver care every day in our communities.

Betsy: Tell us how you got started and the path that led you to Accordant.

Pam: I was one of those rare people who knew I wanted to do development work right out of college. As president of my sorority, I was frequently exposed to philanthropic activities. I was also a student employee at the university’s