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Our Team


Ali Reiner Trolsrud

Communications Specialist

Ali Reiner Trolsrud brings to Accordant her experience in international and US-based communications. She specializes in copywriting and editing for health care, academic and nonprofit organizations. With her passion for storytelling and expertise in communications, Ali is able to create content that is thoughtful, creative and effective.

Prior to joining Accordant, Ali worked as a freelance copywriter, editor and social media manager. She has worked with one of Norway’s largest publishing houses to edit elementary and high school English textbooks, as well as with multiple universities across the United States to create content related to student, faculty and alumni success. Her most recent work involved managing and increasing the social media presence of a nonprofit organization focused on community growth in the Pacific Northwest.

Ali is a founding board member of The Reiner Foundation—a nonprofit organization focused on advancing community health and well-being. She received her Master of Science degree in communication from Portland State University and holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Walla Walla University.

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