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Certified Executive Coaching

Even the most seasoned leaders face challenges with difficult barriers or opportunities that need specific navigation. New philanthropy executives seek to be better positioned to excel at their responsibilities. No matter where you fall on the spectrum of experience, there are ongoing benefits of professional executive coaching.

Accordant delivers a deep bench of research-driven and experience-informed leadership training and executive coaching. Our certified executive coaches customize leadership engagement to maximize strengths, address areas of improvement and create strategies to achieve elevated success. 

Our personal, professional coaches help executives transform not only leadership abilities but also organizations and philanthropy potential. Because we have served decades in frontline health philanthropy organizations, we bring empathy, compassion, authenticity and expertise to elevate leaders and organizations. Together, through reflection and personal growth plans, Accordant helps executives maximize impact that adds value to the team and the organization.  


Our Certified Executive Coaches

Linda Roszak Burton

Principal Consultant & Certified Executive Coach

Lori Counts, FAHP, CFRE

Principal Consultant & Certified Executive Coach

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