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Save Time & Money with the Turn-Key Foundation Board Member Handbook 

Developing a board manual is a lengthy process involving writers, editors and designers. Printing in small quantities is not cost-effective. Save your time, resources and budget while improving the quality of your board materials with Accordant’s turn-key Foundation Board Member Handbook.

Written by Accordant CEO Betsy Chapin Taylor, FAHP, this highly effective manual will provide the support you need to educate, train and engage your board. It not only features best and emerging practice in foundation board governance but also provides context around trends, issues and data that impact board work. This approachable handbook supports health foundation boards, development councils, committees, community boards, executive leadership and more.

2024 FBM Handbook_Mockup_web.png
The 2024 turn-key edition of this 8.5 x 11, 70-page, perfect bound manual covers: 

Uncovering the Financial Rationale for Health Philanthropy 

Unpacking Key Roles and Responsibilities 

Exploring the Unique Influence of Board Members in Advancing Philanthropy 

Acknowledging Potential Discomfort in the Role 

Aligning with Individual Superpowers and Preferences 

Making a Personal Financial Commitment 

Tapping Into the Power of Purpose 

Optimizing the Impact of the Health Foundation 

Advancing Strategically Aligned Funding Priorities 

Crafting a Compelling Case for Support 

Embracing Our Core Constituency: Grateful Patients and Families 

 Turnaround time: up to 4 weeks 

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 Foundation Board Member Handbook 

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 Add-On Pack 

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Stay Current

 Ensure your manual continues to reflect the latest data and trends. Get the 2025 manual for an update fee of $2,500 to include 20 copies ($55 for additional copies). No additional licensing fees with consecutive annual renewal. Updated manuals will be available each January. Upgrade from one customization level to the next by paying just the difference between the current and desired customization level. 

 If you prefer to be invoiced, please submit the following form: 

Thank You! You will receive an invoice shortly.

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