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Our Team


Brent A. Taylor

Managing Principal Emeritus

Brent Taylor is Managing Principal Emeritus of Accordant. He has an advisory role overseeing accounts receivable and accounts payable, in addition to facilitating relationships with legal and accounting partners.

Brent brings the well-rounded perspective of a development executive who has not only led impressive fund development campaigns but also has experience as a financial consultant and accredited asset management specialist. This dual understanding that comes from advising clients on asset growth and protection, as well as engaging donors around the philanthropic investment of funds, has made him an insightful and intuitive leader.

Prior to Accordant, Brent served as Vice President for Development for a United Way chapter where he started a substantial new planned giving program, facilitated the engagement of philanthropy with a large board of directors and built robust major gift programs to fuel significant year-over-year campaign growth to reach $20 Million annually.

Brent holds a business degree from the University of Tennessee.

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