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Campaigns have demonstrated their power to crystallize ambition, focus ally engagement and achieve transformational giving. Today's campaigns must embrace a more expansive case to advance innovation, community health and clinical programs. To respond to this changing environment and to harness the potential of new opportunities, Accordant partners with health organizations to assess, plan and customize campaigns that are agile in an evolving health care environment while easily integrating with existing development and communication initiatives. We build bench strength for philanthropy teams to lift their programs, campaigns and missions. By including and integrating all key stakeholders—from physicians and clinicians to board members and the C-Suite—we work side-by-side with organizations to meet and exceed mission goals.


We help elevate organizations’ campaigns and mission objectives through our proprietary strategies and tools.

Strategically Aligned Project Selection (SAPS)

The evaluation, selection and testing of campaign priorities in an easy and strategic format that creates alignment within the C-Suite.


Interactive discussions and evaluation of potential challenges and opportunities with cases for support and campaigns.

Wave Campaigns

Case-driven, clinician-partnered, organization-aligned and passion-fueled approach that better meets organizational and donor needs.

Transformative Philanthropy

Our consistent set of fundamentals with a guiding framework to meet and exceed mission goals.

Data-Driven Prospectand Donor Identification

Our data specialists along with our DonorSearch strategic partners provide data-driven results that highlight those with the capacity and affinity to give.

Operations & Database Assessment

A custom assessment of existing operational infrastructure, delivered with a data discovery scorecard ensures organizations are campaign ready.


A grateful engagement strategy that integrates physicians, clinicians, patients, families into a virtuous circle that uplifts organizational culture, clinician well-being, patient experience, philanthropic support and more.


An engaging and educational tool that helps board members, volunteers and other campaign leaders identify skills and preferences to maximize their campaign engagement.


Campaign Planning & Capacity Assessments

Accordant partners with organizations to assess and position campaigns for success. Utilizing our Transformative Philanthropy™ framework, we test the essential elements that determine potential while also engaging key stakeholders in the process of successful campaign best practices. Identifying and testing priorities, as well as assessing pipelines and passion for organization’s visions are the cornerstones of our approach.

Campaign Management

Partnering with philanthropy teams, Accordant builds a campaign plan and strategy that reflects organizational opportunities and obstacles. We work alongside staff to recruit, train and engage volunteer leadership to best enable their potential to cultivate, solicit and steward campaign gifts. Accordant utilizes our proprietary wave campaigning approach, coupled with Affinity Councils to maintain momentum and ensure long-term program sustainability.


Campaign Repositioning

With an ever-changing health care landscape, campaigns often need to course-correct. Accordant can help organizations evaluate, pivot and redirect campaigns in order to maximize donor potential, passion and impact.

Creative & Communications

Communication is critical in illuminating vision, enabling connection and motivating action. How organizations communicate with prospects and other philanthropy partners will determine the success of campaigns. Accordant’s full-service strategy and design communications team guides the vital communications journey to ensure the community is aware of compelling cases, inspiring stories and impacts their gifts will have on the mission and community well-being.

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