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Children's Health Giving

They are not just small adults

Every children's hospital, hospice and care center understands kids aren't just small adults. Children need specialized care designed for their different stages of growth and development. We believe the same is true for children's philanthropy, leadership and governance.  


Children's health care philanthropy leaders have unique challenges and opportunities. Critical programs such as Child Life, music therapy, playrooms, teen rooms and pet therapy all rely on philanthropy. Grateful engagement extends to parents, grandparents and friends. Leadership includes family committees, corporate leaders, guilds and community groups. Physicians and clinicians are often more connected to philanthropy partnership. Events, corporate partnerships and third-party fundraisers play a large role in building the donor pipeline.

To better serve our children's hospital and health care partners we have built a specialized service line and team to meet your specific needs. 

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Download a summary of our services designed just for children's hospitals.

Nursery Play

Campaign Planning & Management

Successful children's campaigns require the orchestration of every tool in your tool box. Our comprehensive Transformative Philanthropy approach engages all the pieces of the puzzle to create alignment among leadership, staff, physicians, corporate partnerships, Children's Miracle Network partners and volunteers to build a complete campaign. 

We have adapted our proven tools including Strategic Alignment Project Selection (SAPS) and VOCAL to include parent and patient committees, event chairs, child life, community guilds and other groups to build a complete campaign plan.

Grateful Engagement

Grateful engagement in a children's hospital is more than simply identifying and connecting with qualified patients. Successful programs have to build relationships with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends. Our grateful engagement experts will help your program succeed by: 

Partnering with Physicians and Clinicians

We have developed a process for identifying, training and engaging a select group of doctors, nurses, child life specialists and other caregivers to help identify and engage grateful families and friends. 

Implementing Advanced Data 

Our partnership with DonorSearch helps us look deeper into the relationships, connections and capacity of patient families to create more meaningful engagements.

Grandpa and Grandchild Having Fun

Leadership Support

Our children's team has decades of experience work as and along side children's hospital leaders and understand the important roles CEOs, marketing, boards and committees play in successful children's philanthropy. 

Our leadership services for children's partners include: 

  • Strategic Planning

  • Strategy Facilitation

  • Strategic Project Alignment 

  • Board Design & Development

  • Board Evaluation

  • Foundation & Governing Board Education

  • Event Evaluation and Transition

  • Major Gift Officer Training

  • Health Care C-Suite Education

  • Philanthropy Executive Coaching

  • Philanthropy Leadership Education

  • Culture Benchmarking, Design and Facilitation

Running Shoes

Event Transition

Children's philanthropy was built on events and they still play a big role in donor pipeline creation and leadership engagement. Galas, golf tournaments, 5Ks, radiothons, Dance Marathons and other thons are great ways to engage the community and build awareness for your cause but they can be expensive and draining for your staff. Unfortunately the opportunity cost of these events can be hard to prove.  

Our team has been there too and can help you evaluate your event schedule and identify opportunities to improve your event fundraising by focusing on the key events and transitioning the efforts from other events to more rewarding opportunities such as major giving or grateful engagement efforts. 

Corporate & Cause Marketing

The cause of local children's hospitals is a powerful draw and opportunity for corporate partners, retailers and brands.
These partnerships are unique and involve many moving parts. Store-level, regional and national relationships can be challenging to manage efficiency and effectively. Whether through your own efforts or with organizations like Children's Miracle Network Hospitals these partnerships offer many opportunities beyond the round-up at checkout.


Our children's team will help you fold these, often side efforts, into your overall strategy to create better efficiency and amplify results. Relationships through these partners are often untapped potential for major gifts, unique board leadership and marketing opportunities for your hospital. 

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