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Prioritizing Gratitude at Home and Work

Some of the greatest obstacles to practicing gratitude are 24/7 distractions, the brain’s built-in negativity bias and a lack of physical and time-based divides between work and personal life, especially for those working remotely. Small micro-practices of gratitude linked with existing activities provide the much needed space to break away from distractions and allow time to reflect on what is working well. You can do these micro-practices alone or with a gratitude buddy/partner. They take only a few seconds or a few minutes. Use these key elements in your micro-practice to create the greatest benefit:

  1. Name the person, behavior or experience for which you are grateful.

  2. Describe how you, your team, your patient, your family or your institution benefited.

  3. Describe why this is meaningful to you and/or the team, patient, family or institution.

Download the Worksheet

Download PDF • 191KB

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