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Leadership & Governance

Community leadership volunteers serving on health care organization and foundation boards have significant responsibilities for advancing the mission. However, many trustees and foundation boards do not have access to the infrastructure, information and tools that position them to be optimally successful. Accordant elevates health care governance by helping organizations define roles and responsibilities while enabling best practice governance.

Board Evaluation

Great boards commit to regular board evaluation to illuminate opportunities that improve both board and organizational performance, as well as enhance the board experience. Committing to a routine board evaluation is similar to making a commitment to “preventive” care rather than “sick” care: it is a hallmark of a healthy organization. The intentional board embraces board evaluation as a positive and proactive process to uncover opportunity and refine performance rather than a tool to be critical or punitive. 

Accordant utilizes a standard set of core questions that provide comparative benchmarks to other organizations. These provide the ability to select from a broad battery of additional questions that enable organizations to customize their board survey, exploring the organization’s most pressing and most promising issues. Surveys are delivered in an electronic format to create a simple and accessible user experience.

Accordant’s board evaluation service includes customization of the survey tool, analysis and prioritized recommendations for the board development action plan. Organizations may optionally request to have an Accordant expert present their results in a video-based or live presentation.

Board Design

Accordant helps organizations structure, build, refine and develop health care governing boards and health care foundation boards. We advance evaluation, facilitate design and create infrastructure to support board leaders in effectively and confidently leading in this complex environment.  We collaborate to create structures, role descriptions, policies, communications pathways, educational opportunities, accountability systems and more. We enable organizations to elevate board experience, improve recruitment and strengthen efficiency. Ultimately, our aim is to ensure work is not only aligned with prevailing best practice in health care governance but also is agile and consistent with the culture and opportunity within the organization.

Board Education

Accordant has been recognized for our progressive and research-driven approach to board education and engagement through high-energy, high-impact and high-interaction training experiences. Accordant provides leaders with the insights and understandings to place their valuable role in context. Our experts illuminate key strategic issues and opportunities in health care and health philanthropy to show board members how they can activate solutions to support success. Our consultants provide board leaders with strategies that leverage their individual preferences, skills and intention to comfortably and confidently advocate for and raise charitable funds for the health care mission.

Leadership Coaching

Accordant Philanthropy® provides dynamic and research-driven leadership education designed specifically for C-Suite executives. Training is customized to address the priorities and unique needs of the organization’s executives, so they can effectively tackle the daily challenges while driving innovative and progressive strategies for the future.

Major Gift Training & Coaching

Health care philanthropy is experiencing a period of great promise and great change–and philanthropy leaders need the information and tools to prepare and adjust. Accordant offers a broad suite of educational programs specifically tailored for philanthropy executives, gift officers and team members. We address content from the strategic level down to the practical, actionable, day-to-day implications.  We place information in the context of overall health care trends, issues and opportunities. Our training experts also have the deep, front-line philanthropy experience to navigate your questions and to facilitate meaningful discussion. Our training programs are customized to the unique needs and opportunities of your organization rather than offering a standard, lockstep approach.

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