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Leadership Retreat

Session Handouts

Day One Sessions

Confronting a Challenging and Changing Environment
Speaker: Betsy Chapin Taylor 

The Golden Age of Giving Sciences
Speaker: Nathan Chappell

Amping Up Your Impact as a Health Care Executive

Speaker: Lori Counts 

Grateful Engagement Strategies
Speakers: Erin Stitzel, Debbie Ferguson, Nathan Chappel & Cindy Reynolds

The Leadership Pivot: Game Plans and Course Corrections
Speakers: Lori Counts, Michelle Rovang 

Day Two Sessions

Confronting the Excuses for Why You Can't Raise Major Gifts
Moderator: Heather Wiley Starankovic along with Accordant panelists 

Is Charity Your Greatest Asset and You Don't Know it? Elevating the Urgent New Case for Health Care
Speakers: Michael Beall, Craig Sorensen

Excelling in Advancing Equity, Access Community Well-Being
Speaker: Amy Dorrill 

Strengthening Bonds with Donors:
Propelling Your Donors' Emotional Journeys Speakers: Michael Beall, Jessica Carswell, Molly Davidson

Conquer the Generosity Crisis Through Radical Connection
Speaker: Nathan Chappell 

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