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Health Care 

Accordant believes advancing health care transforms both individuals and entire communities. That’s why elevating health care is our sole focus, our passion and our mission. Accordant’s singular focus on health care, rather than serving multiple nonprofit sectors, ensures you have access to experts who understand the complexities, pressure points and possibilities inherent in an ever-evolving health care industry. Accordant has had the privilege to serve more than 100 health care organizations representing more than 400 hospitals as well as hospices, CCRCs and more.

Accordant’s entire approach is also aligned with our overarching Transformative Philanthropy™ approach to maximize philanthropic potential.  

Campaign Planning & Management

Campaigns have demonstrated their power to crystallize ambition, focus ally engagement and achieve transformational giving. However, a new health care environment demands a new way to campaign.

To excel in this changing environment and to harness the potential of new opportunities, Accordant has redesigned our approach to campaign planning and management. Our approach incorporates emerging and innovative practice alongside proven best practices in order to:

  • A fast-evolving health care strategic and financial landscape calls for campaigns that are agile, responsive and have a shorter process time from start to finish. 

  • Progressive organizations are not only raising money for buildings and capital equipment but also for clinical programs, community impact and innovation. 

  • Physicians and clinicians are critical allies who must be engaged early and in a substantive manner to secure their insights, ownership and participation. 

  • Anemic health care operating margins mean campaigns must advance the organization’s most critical, strategically aligned, high impact endeavors. 

  • Limited internal financial and human resources for campaigning mean leveraging resources and achieving integration with existing efforts is critical. 

  • Expand campaign planning beyond evaluating the external market by also evaluating key internal infrastructure, processes, relationships and more.

  • Integrate against and bolster the existing philanthropy program to elevate portfolio management processes, to drive program refinement and to create sustainable performance gains even after the campaign has ended.

  • Elevate the focus on robust engagement of the organization’s most valuable allies: executives, board members, physicians and clinicians – customized to honor each leader’s strengths, preferences, skill sets and intent.

  • Ensure the case for support is deftly tied to the organizational strategic plan.

  • Build modern and responsive communications to fit today’s plugged-in and fast-moving lifestyles and to amp up the focus on impact and outcomes.

  • Decrease cycle times and remove arbitrary wait times to get the organization off the starting blocks quickly and to improve the overall campaign process.

Grateful Engagement 

Weaving gratitude into the health care organization as both a touchstone and a compass can transform both the patient care experience and philanthropy.

Grateful patients are most likely to become significant donors to health care. Accordant helps you create and implement deliberate, focused strategies to maximize this opportunity in a manner rooted in integrity, values and purpose. Grateful patient strategies must keep pace with the rapidly changing health care environment; many grateful patient strategies once considered best practice are now stale and operationally insignificant.

Strategically Aligned Project Selection Process (SAPS)

Accordant has a robust process that identifies, pressure tests and prioritizes potential philanthropic funding priorities.  Strategically Aligned Project Selection™ (SAPS) is a critical first step to enabling enterprise-wide alignment between the health care organization’s strategic priorities and charitable funding priorities. The SAPS process not only creates a shared vision to maximize the impact of donor dollars within the health care organization but also aligns initiatives with the preferences and expectations of today’s donor investors.  Facilitated SAPS sessions involve key leaders and stakeholders including health care executives, board members, clinicians and philanthropic staff.  With a focus on driving clarity and consensus, Accordant experts facilitate leadership input and discussion resulting in clear prioritization of projects, how they are communicated and how they can be funded. 


Why this approach?

  • Health care organizations must position philanthropy as a viable alternative revenue source to enable the organization’s most important efforts.

  • Hospital priorities and donor priorities don’t always align. What is important to the health care organization may not be a suitable project for charitable support. This process identifies compelling projects that align organizational vision with donor passion and desire for impact.

  • Determining and prioritizing the most important Cases for Support gives the institution focus and direction.

Major Gifts Pipeline and
Portfolio Management

A laser focus on your organization’s top donors and a commitment to a strategic, disciplined approach is a must to achieve the highest return on investment and to align your philanthropy program with your health care organization.

Traditional major gift practices and pipeline management no longer align with the fast pace of health care. Accordant Philanthropy’s Progressive Pipeline and Portfolio Management™ focuses on top prospects for strategic priorities and tracks the actions and activities involved in deliberately moving a donor prospect along a constant, continuous engagement model of identification, qualification, cultivation, pre-solicitation, solicitation and stewardship. Only serving health care philanthropy clients, we understand the complexity and changing dynamics of health care that impact your institution. We customize strategy based on your organization’s culture, team structure, major gift officer capacity, existing donor base and more to hone in on key factors for your success.

Our tailored strategies improve your bottom line and facilitate numerous internal processes:

  • Align philanthropy with the vision of executive and institutional leadership to elevate impact

  • Increase success by focusing on optimal prospective partners with passion, affinity and capacity

  • Advance the cultivation process to progressively nurture donors and to predict future gifts

  • Provide responsive and meaningful stewardship to demonstrate how gifts make an impact

  • Find, analyze and track constituent information to support personal, lifelong donor relationships

  • Evaluate the program in light of specific goals and objectives to ensure optimal results.

Major Gifts Training and Coaching

Transforming your major gifts program starts with transforming your philanthropic team to efficiently and effectively advance relationship-based giving.

Committing your philanthropic program to be a connector within your community and aligning with your health care organization in pace and in purpose takes tremendous commitment. Today, the reality is much more about changing your practice and right sizing your program than simply adding additional resources.  In most cases, adding additional staff is not an option. But, training your current staff can be.

Accordant Philanthropy® uses the latest research and best practices within the health care sector to train, coach and empower your team with the expertise, strategy and tools to be more effective and efficient in major gift efforts. Only serving health philanthropy clients, we understand the complexities and ever-changing dynamics that impact your institution, as well as the staff responsible for overseeing each and every aspect. We customize our coaching and training based on your situation, culture and team structure. Our robust approach accelerates and challenges traditional gift solicitation and guides your team to elevate your major gifts initiatives.

Customized training and pipeline coaching empower your team to:

  • Position philanthropy as a core revenue source

  • Work hand-in-hand with the C-Suite to create an integrated partnership

  • Identify donors with affinity and capacity to give

  • Position each prospect to excel

  • Plan and hold True North™ conversations

  • Match donors with strategic projects for the most impactful gifts

  • Implement high-level donor-centered strategies with ongoing relationship building

  • Create and maintain a donor-centric approach that moves prospects from cultivation to solicitation

  • Be leaders of philanthropic efforts

Corporate Giving & Partnership

Corporate giving and partnership has evolved. Today’s progressive corporate engagement programs are no longer dominated by event sponsorships. They have matured to deeper, more holistic, more meaningful approaches to charitable investment and collaboration.

Optimizing corporate engagement today is rooted in proactively fulfilling shared purpose with an eye toward social responsibility and human impact. Health care organizations are ideally positioned to provide value in this new space as champions and solution providers for key issues such as:

  • Health equity

  • Community well-being

  • Inclusion

  • Workforce development

Accordant can be your guide in identifying aligned investment opportunities, uncovering potential partners, crafting the value proposition, discerning namable assets, designing programmatic partnerships, supporting co-branding opportunities and more.

Case For Support Design

We help foundations develop cases for support for initiatives from comprehensive campaigns to fast-and-agile major gift initiatives, and we know not all case for support development is the same. Our approach incorporates understanding system priorities, foundation strategies, branding, your donor’s most meaningful aspirations and authentic messaging in order to craft messages that are unique to your foundation and that serve as a building block for prospect, campaign and donor engagement.

Donor Communications
& Engagement

What motivates a donor is not what motivates a buyer. Donor communications is different than marketing, and when you consider that about half of all donors cite poor communication for why they left, you begin to understand why hiring a philanthropy firm who understands your donors is important. We believe donor communication should be glue—not bait. We can help you analyze touch points for non-solicitation relationship building opportunities, develop messaging that is authentic while inspiring and create unique experiences that your donors will remember.

Our full-service communication team will work with you to create a suite of communication materials that reflects both the hospital brand and your foundations need to message in a nuanced and powerfully unique way. We provide the following services:

  • Print collateral

  • Digital media

  • Film and Video services

  • Copy and design services

  • Mission experience tours

Mission Storytelling

Why storytelling? Simple. Nothing else works. Storytelling fuels health care philanthropy. It illuminates your organization’s mission, connects donors to the causes they care about and inspires and rallies every member of your team.   First, understand this—storytelling and stories are not the same thing. Storytelling is much more than words on a page. Storytelling can help gift officers orally illustrate your cause, CEOs inspire your organization and organizations bring video and digital medial to life.

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