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Grateful Patient & Clinician Engagement

Best practice-driven training, coaching and strategic tools for philanthropy teams to help foster the engagement of grateful patients and families in partnership with physicians and clinicians. Accordant’s comprehensive services addresses the following:

  • Identification and engagement of clinician partners

  • Activation of philanthropic gift officers

  • Optimization of data, analytics and infrastructure

  • Acquisition and development of donor partners

  • Utilization of performance measurement to refine strategy and to demonstrate ROI and hardwiring of efforts to create sustainable results


A grateful engagement strategy that integrates physicians, clinicians, patients and families into a values-based circle that uplifts organizational culture, clinician well-being, patient experience, philanthropic support and more.


Opportunity Assessment

With the right partner, health organizations will overcome the challenges of approaching already-overwhelmed physicians and clinicians to maximize opportunities of involving these allies in grateful engagement initiatives. Accordant collaborates with health organizations to assess and identify challenges and opportunities with a collaborative plan that provides lift to philanthropic initiatives as well as overall cultures of gratitude. 

Program Design

Successful grateful patient engagement is multi-faceted and touches nearly every aspect of the health care organization. Accordant builds custom programs to identify, select, recruit and engage key stakeholders for authentic collaboration among physicians, clinicians, team members, patients and families. This process equips and empowers philanthropy teams to drive this work beyond mission goals. Our model is ultimately owned and driven by a well-prepared philanthropy team in order to achieve sustainability.


Clinician Partnership

Grateful giving is purpose-filled and powerful philanthropy. Expressions of thanks are most often precipitated by the actions of a physician, nurse or other frontline caregiver: thus, the partnerships of these allies are essential to sustainable success. Accordant helps to unlock the beautiful partnership between grateful patients and their families with inspired physicians and clinicians to elevate not only philanthropy but also a culture of gratitude and well-being in the organization.

Physician/Nurse/Clinician Education & Coaching

Engaged and effective clinician leadership is essential to success. Accordant provides training and educational resources to leverage the involvement of physician champions, nurse leaders and other clinicians. Accordant can customize education to include individual coaching to sizable group trainings.


Physician & Clinician Well-Being

Clinicians are in crisis. They must first and foremost safeguard and strengthen their well-being by illuminating pathways to joyful, purpose-filled connectedness. Engaging them in meaningful, repeatable and edifying practices results in positive and sustainable emotional and social benefits for themselves and for patients. Accordant leads a holistic, integrity-based approach that encourages physicians and clinicians to focus on their purpose, passion and gratitude that ultimately increases joy in work, reduces emotional exhaustion and curbs burnout.

Creative & Communications

Compelling communications and collateral support the engagement of clinicians and internal allies as well as patients, families and advocates. Communications brings a heartbeat to the mission of the organization, builds a virtues and values-based organizational culture and fosters engagement of patients and family members as philanthropic donors and advocates. Accordant helps health organizations build customized, purposeful and strategic communications plans that equip philanthropy teams to successfully connect the organization’s mission and vision with allies who want to make a positive impact.


Operations & Data

Our data experts review the overall health of an organization’s database, existing analytics and business practices to assess program readiness. Customized support ensures your operations team is prepared to implement a successful grateful engagement program. 

Our Grateful Engagement Team


Erin Stitzel, FAHP, CFRE

Principal Consultant


Erin Stitzel, FAHP, CFRE is an industry leader in creating and implementing successful grateful patient and clinician partnership strategies. With 19 years spent advancing health care philanthropy, she has worked in over 65 hospitals across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom to implement comprehensive grateful patient engagement and clinician partnership strategies including partnering with hundreds of physicians, clinicians and nurses in philanthropy. As Principal Consultant for Accordant, Erin serves as engagement lead for grateful patient strategy and implementation and specializes in physician and nurse training and working closely with philanthropic gift officers to provide intensive coaching, resources and guidance around building successful partnerships with ally and clinician partners. She has a proven track record of success in helping organizations substantially increase giving from grateful patients and families and building robust, service-line based clinician partnerships to increase grateful patient referrals and has published multiple case studies outlining this success.

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