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Designing & Managing
Transformative Campaigns

Campaigns have demonstrated their power to crystallize ambition, focus ally engagement and achieve transformational giving. However, the new momentum of campaigning calls for new ways to campaign. While campaigns once had an almost singular ambition to raise money for buildings and capital equipment, today's campaigns embrace a more expansive case to advance innovation, community health and clinical programs. To respond to this changing environment and to harness the potential of new opportunities, Accordant redesigned our approach to campaigning to be more agile in an evolving health care environment and more integrated with existing development and communications initiatives.

Campaigns are no longer “bolt-on” initiatives that run alongside other development efforts with a temporary consultant or staff member assigned for a specific period. Instead, campaign efforts are fully integrated with the existing program to drive program refinement and elevation to create sustainable performance gains, even after the campaign has ended. 


The Accordant Approach

Accordant’s Transformative Philanthropy™ approach to campaigns improves upon older campaign modalities in several key aspects.  


  • Strengthens alignment with the health care organization 

  • Improves strategic project selection (including community health priorities) 

  • Builds on the affinity, preferences and purpose of all partners through comprehensive campaign approach 

  • Leverages the influence of physicians and clinicians 

  • Fosters customized and meaningful board engagement 

  • Deploys modern and responsive communications 

  • Streamlines the campaign organization 

  • Integrates campaign efforts with all staff  

  • Elevates portfolio management processes 

  • Builds infrastructure and approaches to provide ongoing benefit 

Key Questions you Need Answered


Do you need guidance on determining the scope of your comprehensive campaign?

Accordant can support the selection and testing of campaign priorities through its Strategically Aligned Project Selection sessions (SAPs). This approach brings together senior leadership, board members and clinical leaders to methodically identify high-impact priorities that will be of interest to donors. 


Are you struggling to fully engage your CEO, senior leaders and physicians in your fund development efforts?

Accordant’s interactive VOCAL™ session with health care executives and closely affiliated organizational and community stakeholders—such as board leaders and clinical leaders proactively elicits input from loyal-but-candid organizational allies to crystalize the case for support and to identify potential failure points to campaign at the outset to make refinements and to address potential issues. Holding this session early in campaign planning, and before external discussions, ensures a shared vision and early ownership of the plans. Ultimately, VOCAL™ sets the stage for a more effective overall engagement, actionable plan and ongoing two-way communication.


Are you unsure if you have an adequate prospect pool to support a campaign?

Accordant integrates its grateful patient efforts as an embedded component to our campaign management services. This integration allows for physician and clinician engagement to occur as part of our campaign work and concurrently as the existing prospect pool is engaged and cultivated.  Our Affinity Councils as part of Wave Campaigns ™ provides the structure to manage and grow the pipeline while campaigning.      

A Team & Strategy Built on Success

Accordant’s consultants are the linchpin of our process and approach. Accordant only hires deeply experienced, senior philanthropy professionals; so, you can be assured you have an ally with the insights to pivot and adjust appropriately in a dynamic situation. 


Accordant’s integrated, affinity-driven campaign approach is not only smarter and sleeker but also elevates the focus on meaningfully engaging the organization’s most valuable allies: executives, board members, physicians and clinicians—based on their affinity, preferences, unique skill sets and intent.


Our approach to campaign planning and assessment and campaign management reflects the importance of aligning with our allies.  As part of our Transformative PhilanthropyTM Model we have built cutting edge services into our engagements. 


  • Strategically Aligned Project Selection sessions (SAPs)

  • VOCAL sessions

  • Wave Campaigning

  • Core Centric Right Fit Roles


These innovated tools are just a few examples of our innovative approaches to the time tested benefits of campaigns.  

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